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Re: Request for review: upcoming announcement about new brasilian security mirror

Francesca Ciceri wrote:
> here [1] you can find the draft of the upcoming announcement about a new
> security mirror in South America: as the content is mature, is now time for a
> spelling/grammar/lessical review :).
It's tricky, because a lot of it is inside quotation marks.

For instance, it quotes Martin Zobel-Helas as saying "We are happy
we soon can cover all continents".  This is slightly awkward
English, but it also raises a more subtle issue: different cultures
have different traditional tallies for the number of continents.
The anglophone wikipedia gives the list of seven that I was brought
up with (Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America,
Australia, and Antarctica), while other widespread traditions merge
the Americas, and/or Eurasia.  Are we claiming that we'll soon have
separate official security mirrors in North America, Australia,
and, um, Antarctica?

Later it gets ridiculously repetitive with its explanations of what
C3SL is.  Can we please introduce it just once instead of three
times?  Maybe we should call it "C3SL" until the dedicated "About
C3SL" paragraph, and give its pt_BR and en_US longnames there?
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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