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Re: [cut-team] Draft announcement for CUT 2011.03 release candidate 1

On Mon, 28 Feb 2011 10:52:43 +0100 Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:

> Hi!
> Am 28.02.2011 01:23, schrieb Michael Gilbert:
> > Based on Stefano's feedback, I have reworded the draft announcement.
> > If you like it, please respond with a +1.  If not, -1 and feedback.  See
> > below.
> Sending something like that will surely be picked up by the press.
> Please refrain from doing so without coordination of the publicity-team.
> Having said that, I highly recommend *not* to send out anything, as long
> as the concept is still under discussion (which seems to be the case for
> me as an outsider).

I'm intending this more as a small technology preview primarily geared
toward the -devel community for now (although others may pick up on it).
There's a danger in bringing snapshot.debian.org to its knees if this
gets too much publicity too soon.

Also, based on discussions here, it has been decided that this will not
specifically be labeled as a part of CUT (yet), so I don't think it
will get too much publicity since it won't fall under that interesting

Do you have any suggestions for wording to make it clearer that this is
more of a preview/test?

Best wishes,

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