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Re: Opinion about non-free firmware

2011. február 20. 13:38:19 dátummal Gabor Kum az alábbiakat írta:
> Hi,
> I'm a contributor of the debiancd.org project (www.debiancd.org). We are
> making Debian mini CDs.
> Some people wrote us, that they need CDs with non-free firmwares. What do
> you think about it? Is it a good idea to make these discs with the
> non-free firmwares too? I think not, but please, tell me your opinion!
> Best regards,

We decided to make only the official version, without non-free firmware. We have 
about 500 CDs with the "Official installation CD" text, and I don't think that 
we need additional costs. Under 500 pcs it is expensive to order with a 
different text, and who will need 500 unofficial disks?
So, if somebody asks about them, I recommend to check Raphaël Hertzog's site.

Btw the label sources I will provide on this week, I hope. Sorry, we have a 
lot of work now.

Have a nice day,

Gabor Kum

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