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Re: Publicity for the debiancd.org

2011. február 14. 16:10:03 dátummal Fernando C. Estrada az alábbiakat írta:
> El lun, 14-02-2011 a las 14:51 +0100, Gabor Kum escribió:
> > Hello,
> Hi Gabor,

Hello Fernando,

> > In the last year we started a project [1]. We are making Debian CDs, but
> > not the usual way, as the other vendors. Our goal is to make not full
> > sets of installation media (more DVDs), but a nice, factory-made CD,
> > like Canonical makes for Ubuntu ShipIt.
> > Why? Because a lot of people like "official" discs. Good to have it, good
> > to touch it, use it, give to friends.
> > We (2 contributors) decided to find some money, make these discs, send
> > them worldwide (yes, really, except some countries, but we are working
> > on this question), and give the profit to Debian.
> > Till now 116 discs ordered from 27 countries [2], but we think that we
> > can make much more, if we can have some publicity.
> > 
> > Could you help us?
> You're listed at the Vendors of Debian CDs page [1], but Debian can't
> choose any vendor as "official". In the Publicity Team we can mention
> the option to acquire an installation media with nice art work from the
> Vendors of Debian CDs page, but nothing related to publicity for one
> vendor in particular.

Yes, I understand this. I'm searching other variants, that's why I wrote to 
the list.

> If you find an alternative we're going very glad to help you. (As an
> example - and is just an idea -, we can promote Debian related events,
> so maybe you want to contact the organization team of an event to
> promote your Debian CDs.)

Thank you for the idea!

> Best Regards,
> P.S. Thanks for your hard work making cool Debian installation media ;-)
> [1] http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/index.en.html#hu

Gabor Kum

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