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Re: Publicity for the debiancd.org

Hi there!

On Mon, 14 Feb 2011 16:10:03 +0100, Fernando C. Estrada wrote:
> El lun, 14-02-2011 a las 14:51 +0100, Gabor Kum escribió:
>> In the last year we started a project [1]. We are making Debian CDs, but not 
>> the usual way, as the other vendors. Our goal is to make not full sets of 
>> installation media (more DVDs), but a nice, factory-made CD, like Canonical 
>> makes for Ubuntu ShipIt.

Thank you, some notes:

1) do you mind providing the label sources under a DFSG-license?

2) do you know that there are already two different squeeze/SpaceFun CD

     Message-ID: <20110208111101.77023ejcrt2k5gx1@ssl.eumx.net>
     URL: <http://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/%3c20110208111101.77023ejcrt2k5gx1%40ssl.eumx.net%3e>

>> Could you help us?
> You're listed at the Vendors of Debian CDs page [1], but Debian can't
> choose any vendor as "official".

True, and with my events@d.o hat on we are not moving away from that.

> If you find an alternative we're going very glad to help you. (As an
> example - and is just an idea -, we can promote Debian related events,
> so maybe you want to contact the organization team of an event to
> promote your Debian CDs.)

Now that events@d.o knows of this *worldwide* service, no need for each
single company to contact event/booth organizers, it will be the other
way around.

NB, the above is all part of the new event/merchandise handling,
announcement in proofreading *now*, so stay tuned...

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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