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Re: Squeeze released: old version of release-notes on the website

On Monday 07 February 2011 13.40:19 Javier Fernandez-Sanguino wrote:
> PS: For the next release we might want to suggest having a separate CD
> image for documentation including the Release Notes, the FAQ, the
> Installation Manual and other documentation so that the documentation
> images can be updated indepedently (and not affecting) the
> CDs/DVDs/BDs of the released software.

From the point of view of somebody getting a CD, I think at least 
installation manual, release notes and possibly the FAQ should be on CD 1.  
"other documentation" - whatever.

For the netinst/buinesscard iso, it doesn't matter since they assume net 
access during installation, so a pointer might suffice.  But the full CD/DVD 
shouldn't assume net access.

And isn't a "watch out for last minute information" hint already on the CD 

-- vbi

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