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Re: Squeeze released: old version of release-notes on the website

2011/2/7 Holger Wansing <linux@wansing-online.de>:
> I fear this is not correct.

You are partly right, there was an issue with the content at the
website, it was not being updated properly since (at least) the
weekend. Now, after a few things have been fixed in several places, it
is being updated properly and the content of the Release Notes for
*all* languages (English included) should be up to date. Please check
again the website to confirm.

I have not run 'update-po' for all languages and committed this so the
statistics [1] are not yet up-to-date. There was some content included
recently which might shown in English in translations (e.g. #612166).

Unfortunately, the contents of the official DVDs/CDs might not be
current with the translated content. I'm not sure what was distributed
in them (have yet to look) but, in any case, there will be a new
re-release in one month (6.0.1) so we should target in having
everything working out for that one. No good going back to the past.



PS: For the next release we might want to suggest having a separate CD
image for documentation including the Release Notes, the FAQ, the
Installation Manual and other documentation so that the documentation
images can be updated indepedently (and not affecting) the
CDs/DVDs/BDs of the released software.

[1] http://www.debian.org/releases/squeeze/statistics.html

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