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Re: News boilerplates

Am 24.01.2011 11:31, schrieb Jeremiah Foster:

>>> It is interesting that other news releases use a larger "About
>>> Debian" paragraph:
>> [...]
>>> Maybe you'd want to merge these?
>> That sounds like it could be a good idea.  If we're going to have
>> a standard form of the paragraph, I think it's probably better if
>> the press team decide that and we can update the point release
>> template to match.
> I think that makes sense and seems like something that the Press and
> Publicity team would be willing to support, at least I am happy to
> help in any way that the Release and WWW teams find useful.

Actually we used to have two version on purpose:  One big one for
announcements, which might be read by people, who actually don't know
what Debian actually is, and short one, for announcements most likely
only read by people already familiar with Debian.

(We also have other variants, e.g. when DebConf is involved, etc.)

> [ gettext ]

Please note, that the text keeps changing (at least the number of
supported languages, etc.); not sure if you can actually do that, not
sure how that can be handled with gettext.

However, the nice about the current form without gettext being involved
is, that the press team can create the mail version of the announcements
simply by running a bit sed over the wml files.  That would break if
gettext would be introduced.

To ease work for translators, couldn't simply provide templates with the
common phrases, similar as it is done for the DPN?

Best regards,

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