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Re: News boilerplates

On Jan 24, 2011, at 10:58, Adam D. Barratt wrote:

> On Mon, January 24, 2011 09:21, Damyan Ivanov wrote:

>> It is interesting that other news releases use a larger "About Debian"
>> paragraph:
> [...]
>> Maybe you'd want to merge these?
> That sounds like it could be a good idea.  If we're going to have a
> standard form of the paragraph, I think it's probably better if the press
> team decide that and we can update the point release template to match.

I think that makes sense and seems like something that the Press and Publicity team would be willing to support, at least I am happy to help in any way that the Release and WWW teams find useful. 

Recommendations on workflow for gettext and Debian boilerplate text is welcome. I've not worked with gettext before but am happy to incorporate it into my workflow if that makes translation of text easier. I'll go read the man page to gettext to understand it better.

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