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Re: http://www.facebook.com/debian

On Mon, 24 Jan 2011, Ana Guerrero wrote:
> About the part where you checked with the DPL, it is good you got some
> feedback about the text but I was really missing some public thread in our
> mailing lists about this so people is aware of the existence of the page 
> and don't get surprised as I did.

I did not see the point, I knew that a big bunch of people were against
the idea, I did not want to be flamed for it.

> Your wording was not too bad, but "this is the most official of the unofficial"
> and then a list of DDs, it gives a more official status than you think.
> I see you have changed it slightly now and it is better, but I am kind

I did not change it. :)

> of picky about this, might I suggest start first with more clearly message
> "The Debian Project does not have any official facebook page and do not 
> endorse this page" and then the rest of the text?


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