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Re: http://www.facebook.com/debian

Thanks for the answer Raphael!
My bad about not cc'ing the people, I was meant to and then I forgot about it.

On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 09:47:00AM +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> On Sat, 22 Jan 2011, Ana Guerrero wrote:
> > I have discovered today the "most official of the unofficial pages
> > dedicated to the Debian project" at facebook: http://www.facebook.com/debian
> > According to http://www.facebook.com/debian?v=app_4949752878
> > it is handled by several DDs. 
> If you wonder about the wording, try doing a search abouth "Debian" in
> Facebook pages, there are many of them though most only with a few
> subscribers.
> I drafted this page when the former admins granted me admin rights, and
> I added the contact information for full disclosure.
> I also showed it to our DPL to see whether my wording was acceptable given
> he had shown to be opposed to having an official presence there.

I belong to the "debian should not have an official" facebook page group,
so I was very surprised when a friend asked me something about the 
"debian's facebook page". I thought all Debian had there was that kind of 
automatic fan pages facebook setup and then I found the wall, the news,

About the part where you checked with the DPL, it is good you got some
feedback about the text but I was really missing some public thread in our
mailing lists about this so people is aware of the existence of the page 
and don't get surprised as I did.

Your wording was not too bad, but "this is the most official of the unofficial"
and then a list of DDs, it gives a more official status than you think.
I see you have changed it slightly now and it is better, but I am kind
of picky about this, might I suggest start first with more clearly message
"The Debian Project does not have any official facebook page and do not 
endorse this page" and then the rest of the text?

No matter what you write people is going to get confused anyway, but there
is nothing we can do there if they don't read.

> If you have something specific that should only be sent there, get in
> touch with me or one of the other admins.

I am personally not interested but if you want to maintain the most official
of the unofficial debian's facebook page, I think you would want to be 
more open about this and tell people clearly how they can get their 
Debian related stuff there too (as you do with your blog post).


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