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Re: Debian Project News 2011/01 frozen. Please review and translate

On 2011-01-13 14:33, Justin B Rye wrote:
[...] Thank you Justin,

Dogguy</a>, who became a member of Debian's Release team even though he's
been a Debian Developer for barely a year
I personally wonder what the role of the "even though" is. Did the
author think the release team is accepting people with too little
experience? In my opinion, it's good to recruit more, this reduces
the risk of manpower shortage.
I read it as "wow, well done", but I can see how you get the "gasp of
horror" interpretation.  I've changed it to "became a member of
Debian's Release team barely a year after first becoming a Debian
Developer", which I hope is less misleading.
Definitely, thank you. This detail was actually based on the article referred to, where the meaning is unambiguous.

The article implies that it's an achievement to get in the release team for someone who is only a DD for one year. This seems to suggest that it is hard to be fit for the release team. I don't think this is a good message to send. The team definitely needs people with a huge experience to set release standards, schedules, and to a lesser extent, to schedule and handle migrations, but the release team also had trouble coping with some trivial tasks like leaf package removals, at least in the close past. People who are actively involved in Debian and who know to respect their limits should be welcome in the team.

So, I agree that I've never seen a name that means so little to me as Mehdi Dogguy being nominated to the team, this is a fact. But the reason why we state this fact should be clear: we need more people like Mehdi to care about and help the release process, not that it is difficult to help it.
Rapha&euml;l Herzog</a>.
I *never* spot that.  I was too busy thinking about "Reverse People
Behind Debian" ("People In Front Of Debian"?) and whether it should be
"People Behind 'People Behind Debian'"...
Heh, very right...
Sandro Tosi mentioned on his blog that<a
has a new home</a>. Several weeks ago, in fact,<a
href="http://bts-link.alioth.debian.org/";>bts-link</a>   was migrated from
merkel.debian.org to busoni.debian.org.
With all the respect due to bts-link, this item doesn't make it
clear why this server move is newsworthy.
I suspect "to busoni.debian.org, giving it much faster access to BTS
data", but does anybody know details?
Yes, I have no idea how great was the speed improvement, but the newsworthiness must indeed come from it.

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