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Re: [Fwd: Debian at JM2L]


Am 10.11.2010 14:08, schrieb Stefano Zacchiroli:
> Folks, when reading this I was about to ask Carl if someone from Debian
> France can coordinate with this list a proper announcement via Debian
> News. Then, however, it occurred to me that not necessarily we want to
> advertise via Debian News the Debian presence to every FOSS event out
> there; it wouldn't hurt, but we probably want to draw a line somewhere.
> What do you think? Should we go ahead and have a news item about JML2?
> More importantly, what criteria should we use to decide when we want to
> have a news item about a specific event and when not?

I don't think we should announce every event with its own advertisement,
but only the important and special ones.  Where special is not easily to

For example, a small MiniDebConf taking place in a region, where rarely
an Debian related event takes place (e.g. Vietnam) should announced.
Participation on a quite specialised conference (e.g. the neuro science
thing) should IMHO also announced.  The first one, because it shows we
do care about the "small things", too, the later one, because it's
special and awesome if we get invited there :)

Debian participating at yet another smallish event organised by a German
Linux User Group in a town even the German cabal doesn't find on the map
surely doesn't.

Nevertheless all events should be listed on the events page, and should
be mentioned in an "upcoming events" section of the DPN (which I grant I
nearly always forget).

Best regards,

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