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Re: Debian Marketing: Part I, Merchandise (was: [Debconf-discuss] Debian Merchandise BoF?)

On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 06:36:23PM +0200, Luca Capello wrote:
> I replied to the topics trying to quote in a sensible way, which means
> that I could have re-arranged them.  I am sorry for the long mail, I
> would have preferred to split it, but I thought that after two months it
> was necessary to give an overview of what was being discussed.

Sorry for *my* delay in replying, but thanks a lot for this summary.

> > As a matter of fact, that means that I am *eagerly* looking for a new
> > marketing team to coordinate marketing activities. Part of those
> > activities surely match the merchandising stuff, but marketing would be
> > more than that, so also having people interested in organizing campaigns
> > of various kinds, both in real life and on the net, will be fine.
> I would like to (thus cc:ing leader@), but clearly not alone.
> As I wrote in my report above, we need at least two different
> contacts^Wteams, one in the Americas and one in Europe.  During private
> discussions following the BoF, it was mostly clear that the biggest
> association producing merchandise in the Americas is Debian Brasil
> (cc:ing Felipe), while in Europe there are Credativ (cc:ing Alexander),
> debian.ch (not cc:ing myself ;-) ) and Debian UK (cc:ing Steve).  IMHO
> these people could be all part of the team.

Thanks a lot for volunteering! I agree with you that it would be best to
have more people doing that both for redundancy and for geographical
distribution. The way I propose to get there is to first put you in
charge—as both a volunteer and as someone who has volunteered the needed
work in the past—; then you announce (e.g. via d-d-a) what you are doing
and then call for volunteers.

> > I might have pointed that out sooner, but there's also events@debian.org
> > (IIRC it's read by Rhonda, Joey and me), whose purpose is to take care
> > of www.debian.org/events/* and from time to time forward request to
> > participate on various events to known candidates.
> >
> > Maybe those two should then be merged, as it doesn't make sense to
> > contact one person to get listed as official event and an other one to
> > get merchandising for said event.
> Cc:ing Rhonda, Joey (I guessed you meant Martin, right?) and Alexander.
> I fully agree in joining the two addresses, for the same rationale you
> provided.  However, there is another option, i.e. having everything
> merchandise-related forwarded to debian-publicity@.  Here the relevant
> quoting.

I'm convinced by your arguments that having only a list would be
suboptimal; both for reasons of traffics and for the need of some
sensitive data exchange, e.g. bank details. As stated before, I also
think that makes sense to merge merchandise/events@d.o, clarifying that
people behind that address will also take care of updating the events/*

So, my proposed course of actions—which I'll implement unless otherwise
requested—is to ask DSA to make for the moment merchandise/events@d.o
point to you. It probably makes sense to have a delegation for that
(e.g. "merchandise team"), which I plan to do, although I don't have
strong opinions about that.

We should then advertise, e.g. within the job description of the
merchandise team, debian-publicity@lists.d.o as the more general and
public contact point where to discuss more broad topics of "marketing",
such as event-specific advertisement activities.

> I do not know at all if this "experiment" (still, I am a scientist ;-) )
> was/is successful or not, but at least it showed some key points:

Being here at the mini DebConf Paris right now, I'd say that it *has*
been a success. Sure, there have been some problems (e.g. shipment
delays due to strike et al.), but I'm sure we wouldn't have had the
t-shirt booth we have right now, hadn't it been for the coordination of
someone—you in this case.

> 1) before contacting each merchandise holder it is mostly impossible to
>    know what is available (not only in numbers, but also about items).

This can probably be mitigated in the long run, by keeping track of
who-has-what, along the lines of what you have just done on the wiki.

> 4) having the authorization for a booth does not automatically mean you
>    have the authorization to sell stuff, thus it is a good thing to
>    check in advance, even *before* asking for the merchandise.

Correct, but still it's useful to have a contact point that is aware of
this recurring problem. So I would welcome if the merchandise contact
point can also give some guidance to inquirers, it will probably be as
simple as "have you asked if we can sell stuff?".

> > Absolutely agreed. If you are going to identify some durable material
> > that will make our booth more attractive and, as you said,
> > "professional", I'm all for investing some Debian money in that.
> Some ideas:
> - a banner
> - posters
> - lit rack for flyers

I think it's totally worth to buy that stuff, possible even in double
copies to keep in different parts of the world. It will be some money,
sure, but it will most likely be well spent money.

> On Tue, 03 Aug 2010 04:36:17 +0200, Valessio Brito wrote:
> > We need  a page simple, How Promote Debian?!..
> Done: http://wiki.debian.org/Promote?action=diff&rev2=3&rev1=2

Thanks a lot!


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