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Re: Possible one day delay (Was: Debian Project News 2010/14 frozen)


Am 17.10.2010 05:31, schrieb David Prévot:

> The 5th article (“General resolution about Debian project membership”)
> mention that the “resolution is currently being voted on”. Actually, the
> vote will end Monday night, so if the DPN is delayed by a few hours we
> could make this article up to date:

Good thinking, but I think that either the outcome of the GR deserves an
announcement for itself, or the outcome can wait for the next issue
(probably hidden in the "other News"-section).

As the main purpose of this GR is to support the DAMs doing, what they
are already to do anyway, AND to make a kind of public statement, that
would fit very well.

It's just the usual problem:  Someone needs to write it ;)  I'll try to
write a draft soonish.

Best regards,

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