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Re: Debian Project News 2010/13 - Archive maintenance team meeting

 Hi Alexander,

On 2010-10-08 07:54, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
Dear Filipus,

thanks for your contribution so far, but several people of the publicity
team would prefer, if you no longer do so.
This is surprising, how many people is that? I can't remember a single publicity team member complaining about the sum of my contributions here. Please tell them to start by expressing their concerns directly.

Nevertheless, I never considered myself a member of the publicity team. I keep outside of anything other than Debian News, which is the only reason I subscribed to debian-publicity.
   Therefore I ask you to
please refrain for sending mails or discussing with us any more.
I was shocked when Martin Schulze ceased to publish DWN and considered picking it up, but I didn't due to lack of time. I was therefore very happy when the DPN was started, but I noticed an important decrease in quality, which is why I subscribed to debian-publicity and debian-l10n-english. The quality raised a lot since the publication process includes reviewing, but we're not yet where we used to be, so I think my work and the work of other reviewers is still important.

I will not stop participating in the review process as long as my participation is needed, however, it would be my pleasure if this process happened in a dedicated place, other than debian-publicity. I would like to be able to subscribe only for DPN revision. I could also commit changes directly, if you wish.


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