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Re: shapado.debian.net

El sáb, 02-10-2010 a las 18:28 +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli escribió:
> Finally, Fernando and Luis asked who'll be managing (as admin I guess)
> the instance; they offered me to join and also asked if -publicity will
> be managing it. The approach I suggest is the usual Debian one:
> do-ocracy, who steps in to do that and show is able to do a good job at
> that, will simply do it. I'll followup on -project simply saying that
> it's ready and that we are looking for admin helpers. Fernando, Luis,
> would that work for you?

For me works, maybe during the use will be necessary to define at least
one moderator for language or roles like that, at the moment Luis and me
are the admins so if anyone want to help us just say it ;-)

I'm a member of publicity (as translator), so the publicity team is
represented to collaborate in the Shapado instance :-), but if other
publicity members want to join as admins would be great.

> Cheers.

Fernando C. Estrada

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