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Dear -publicity,
  here's a news item for the next DPN: mentioning that there's now a
shapado instance running at http://shapado.debian.net. Shapado it's a
community-based question and answer system, essentially meant to provide
user support on a specific topic. It will work if we'll reach critical
mass, otherwise it won't work. So if you want to give it a chance (and I
think we should), then we should communicate a bit about it. I'll blog
about it later on today and it's been dented already [1,2] (thanks

In mentioning the shapado instance on DPN, please thanks the Shapado
project (or developer, I haven't yet checked the actual name) as they
are currently offering hosting as well as the possibility to migrate
elsewhere getting back all instance date if we will want to do that in
the future.

A couple of few more comments about a couple of related issues that have
been raised in private mail and/or IRC.

I've registered also faq.debian.net, as initially suggested by Valessio
(which is currently not working, as it's need a proper redirection), but
I tend to agree with Fernando: that website is not "FAQ" in the usual
FOSS sense. So, even if "shapado" is not necessarily meaningful for
users, "faq" will be a kind of misnomer which IMHO is better to avoid.

To counter the fact that "shapado" is not meaningful we should IMHO
document it properly. I've added to my TODO list to submit a bug report
(better if with patch) against the website to mention shapado.debian.net
along with other "user support" resources on the Debian website. Feel
free to beat me at submitting the bug report (and patch!).

Finally, Fernando and Luis asked who'll be managing (as admin I guess)
the instance; they offered me to join and also asked if -publicity will
be managing it. The approach I suggest is the usual Debian one:
do-ocracy, who steps in to do that and show is able to do a good job at
that, will simply do it. I'll followup on -project simply saying that
it's ready and that we are looking for admin helpers. Fernando, Luis,
would that work for you?


[1] http://identi.ca/notice/53635454
[2] http://identi.ca/notice/53637059

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