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Re: Debian Magazine

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Hello Jeremiah,

Have a project that requires collaboration and planning for the
idealization, the main idea is to create an e-zine, and I think we can
plan for it to be distributed online.
This project is called DebianZine.org


Let's think about the planning I believe we can make a good zine. One
example that we have is the Full Circle.


Kind Regards

Em 30-09-2010 08:49, Jeremiah Foster escreveu:
> Hello,
> There is a magazine called Ubuntu User: http://www.ubuntu-user.com/
> I subscribe to this magazine and I think it's pretty good. If there
> were a Debian Magazine I'd subscribe to that too. But as far as I
> can tell, there is no such publication. I would like to change that.
> Here's my proposal.
> We most likely cannot create a magazine overnight, but we can maybe
> take some small steps in that direction to test the waters. The
> waters that need testing are of course the existence of the demand
> for such a magazine and the ability of the Debian project to
> contribute to it in such a manner that it can wear the Debian mantle.
> I propose that we ask Ubuntu User magazine if we can contribute
> quarterly a roughly two page section of their magazine specifically
> devoted to Debian news. I imagine its readers would like this - I
> know I would. Debian could then cull information from the now fairly
> regular Debian Project News publication, expand on the articles if
> necessary, contribute these directly to Ubuntu user, and then spin
> off a high quality pdf with which it can release through a variety
> of channels. Ubuntu user would get more copy to publish relevant to
> its readership.
> Personally, I'd prefer no money changed hands. We already have a
> group of people producing this type of information inside Debian, I
> think we can leverage that, giving copyright and credit where due of
> course. Debian would feel free to use this material as well in any
> format or situation that Debian felt fit. We could have the pdfs
> printed out at conferences for example, distribute them to the
> Press, etc. So Debian would have copyright control over the
> information and essentially donate this material to Ubuntu User.
> Does this sound viable? If both the Debian and Ubuntu User side
> think it is viable, it would be nice to get together perhaps on IRC
> or on the Debian-publicity mailing list and we can begin to sketch
> out how this cooperation might work.
> Warm regards,
> Jeremiah C. Foster

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