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Re: Review for Debian booth announcement

Just a couple of minor punctuation quibbles:

Michael Hanke wrote:
> The Debian project is pleased to announce its presence at the Society for
> Neuroscience meeting (SfN2010) that will take place November 13-17 in San
> Diego, USA [0].  Debian will present the upcoming release Debian 6.0 "squeeze"
> and demonstrate its utility as a robust and versatile research environment for
> neuroscience. Booth visitors will have the opportunity to meet with developers
> of neuroscience research software, get information on available software and
> recommendations for deployment strategies in research laboratories. Members of

"The opportunity to meet with $FOO, get $BAR and $BAZ" should
probably be "The opportunity to meet with $FOO *and to* get $BAR and
$BAZ".  Or perhaps "The opportunity to meet with $FOO, get $BAR, and
share (or some such third verb) $BAZ".

> the NeuroDebian [1] team will be available to discuss the advantages of
> integrating research software into the Debian operating system.
> If you are going to SfN2010, come talk to us at booth #3815 [2].
> About SfN2010
> -------------
> The annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, is one of the largest
Superfluous comma:                                  ^

> neuroscience conferences in the world with over 30000 attendees. Researchers,
You could shift that comma to here...  ^ or here... ^

> clinicians, and leading experts discuss the latest findings about the brain,
> nervous system, and related disorders.

But mostly I'm just replying so I can say I wish I had a
"NeuroDebian" tee-shirt.
JBR - and today's single word in West Greenlandic is:
    "Every now and then you have to stop travelling for a while"

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