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Re: Policy for identi.ca messages


On Tue, 14 Sep 2010, MJ Ray wrote:
> The @debian timeline http://identi.ca/debian/replies
> is different to the debian+friends timeline http://identi.ca/debian/all
> so I don't see the relevance of auto-following.  Can you explain?

Well, currently I use gwibber (from experimental) and I have 2 identi.ca
account configured in it and a twitter account. I don't want to see the
same thing twice so I have the @debian account in (manual) send-only.

If I enable the @debian in receive mode also, I can watch the replies to
@debian in a separate stream but I will get all the dents of followers
in the main "messages" view. And I want to keep a mixed view of
twitter/identi.ca and not have one for each account.

> > So I'm not sure how do you see the process. I would rather suggest
> > introducing a #dpub hashtag that could be watched by a bot which would
> > then send it to IRC. But I'm not going to write that one.
> Process?  Look at http://identi.ca/debian/replies periodically and
> click redent on a popular recent one.  Even easier than the proposed
> IRC scrollback count because you don't have to count so much.

How do I know which one is popular?

And I would rather avoid  having to watch many sources, I have to work
also. :-)

With IRC I can be highlighted once there's something to send and I don't
necessarily have to do the counting myself.

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