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Re: Policy for identi.ca messages

On Tue, 14 Sep 2010, MJ Ray wrote:
> > Every time someone suggest a dent on IRC, [...]
> > Does all of this seem reasonable to you?
> Yes.  In addition, I feel there should be some way for someone to
> suggest a dent through identi.ca or other openmicroblogging services.
> How about directing a message to @debian and people redenting if they
> support it?

Currently @debian auto-follows anyone following it so I simply do not
monitor what's on the @debian timeline. And @debian joined some groups
to be able to broadcast to those groups, so it's even more dents that are
coming in.

Furthermore, all email notifications are disabled as the associated
email is leader@debian.org currently.

So I'm not sure how do you see the process. I would rather suggest
introducing a #dpub hashtag that could be watched by a bot which would
then send it to IRC. But I'm not going to write that one.

> I have not edited wiki.debian.org because it is not responding to me
> promptly at this time.

Yeah network issues apparently.

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