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Policy for identi.ca messages


since I now have access to the debian identi.ca account, I'm willing
to post short messages there. Until we have a proper infrastructure, I'll
deal with it manually on #debian-publicity on irc.debian.org.

I have drafted initial guidelines that we should try to follow:

Every time someone suggest a dent on IRC, feel free to reply with +1 if
you think we can/should post it and -1 if you think we should not (short
explanation welcome in that case). From time to time, I'll try to read the
backlog and post those that seem consensual. If you want to +1/-1
something that is not the last proposal, explain which one you're
supporting (or not).

To make the proposal stand out in the history, introduce them with "DENT: ".

Does all of this seem reasonable to you?

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