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Re: review for public announce about Mini-Debconf Paris 2010

> I'd would be great if my announce about Mini-Debconf Paris 2010 could be
> reviewed before posting it d-d-a@l.d.o. and possibly in other public
> places. Any advice is welcomed.

If you want to, we can setup a mini.debconf.org site too.
That would be fr2010.mini.debconf.org (if we get multiple per year in
one country we have to adjust that, but for now its that :) ), as well
as mini.debconf.org/fr2010 pointing there. You can also have mail in
that fr2010 subdomain, like a teammailbox if you want. And, if this is a
recurring thing, a lists.debconf.org list, should you need one.

Your website would be stored in debconf-data svn, check alioth if you
want to see examples, like

bye, Joerg
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