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Re: Mascot Debian ? Create a contest?


related but a bit off-topic:

On Samstag, 21. August 2010, Valessio S Brito wrote:
> 'Mascot Team' that can be composed of:
> Hurd Mascot, BSD Mascot, Linux Mascot, Mascot Debian, Mascot Woman,
> Mascot Robot...
> A variant of some existing characters as well. Tux can have the spiral
> Chest and turns "Tux Debian". GNU may have a red cover with spiral...
> Anyway.

btw, I'd like to see a pic with hamm & bo & rex & slink & etch & woody & 
potato & squeeze & lenny & ... and lots of swirls and such :)

to give a on-topic comment: I think it will be difficult to find a good & 
suitable mascot. the swirl is probably close, but not really a mascot...


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