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Re: Mascot Debian ? Create a contest?

I don't think that the spiral is a mascot. I don't see the spiral with legs, arms and eyes.

I think we can have multiple Mascots, a 'Mascot Team' in different ways and cultures. We would not have a single standard.

The proposal to create a contest is to encourage more artists to do something for Debian. We will not choose one, I think the proposal is to choose a 'Mascot Team'.

'Mascot Team' that can be composed of:

Hurd Mascot, BSD Mascot, Linux Mascot, Mascot Debian, Mascot Woman, Mascot Robot...

A variant of some existing characters as well. Tux can have the spiral Chest and turns "Tux Debian". GNU may have a red cover with spiral... Anyway.

But the cool thing is to have a catalog when you need to use in any campaign, we have pieces ready to create.

I believe that Debian needs of characters/mascots. Anyone can use to illustrate a documentation or create a piece to disclose anything related to the project. Besides only the spiral, is another attraction. For children for example.

Having a mascot for a child to explain what is Debian. Motivating reading a comic book. In future designs or create movies. Until plush version.

Finally, they are only ideas.

Citando Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org>:

Well, either the swirl should be an option, or "No mascot" should be,
"further discussion", while our default, doesn't seem a very good choice

Personally, I don't feel we need a mascot.


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