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Re: blog.debian.org: a merger of various blog-ish resources


On Mon, 19 Jul 2010, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> What do you think of concentrating all the above in a single,
> forthcoming, blog.d.o service?

I wanted to watch other reactions first but I did not see many.

Anyway +1 from me.

> Ideally, I believe that such a blog should be (as a concept) a
> multi-author blog accepting contributed posts from Debian developers and
> contributors in general. Still, that should not come with the cost of a
> too varied (i.e. absent) editorial line. So, ideally, what I think would
> be nice to have is post submissions by different authors, reviewed and
> approved by the press team or by someone of their choice (after all they
> are already delegated to communicate on behalf of Debian ...). Of course
> I'll be happy to consider enlarging the team for this purpose, if the
> idea is welcome.

Ideally that blog could have a feature to grab external blog posts.
That way DD can just post to their blog, and the people behind
blog.debian.org can reintegrate interesting posts seen on planet
debian in blog.debian.org.

I don't know what's doable but somehow it needs to provide a link
to the original article in that case and correctly attribute the work.

> I've a proposal on how to implement this technically (fulfilling various
> requirements, including the non-welcome-ness of insecure web apps on
> debian.org machines), but I refrain to advance them now. I think it
> would be better to discuss the idea first, from a pure communication
> point of view, and only then delve into the technical details.

I would be glad to hear the proposal though.

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