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Re: Publicity BoF at DebConf10

Cc'ing the video-team, since they have the final say on this sort of

On 07/29/2010 10:05 AM, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> 	The Debian Publicity team has a very active member in Alexander Reichle-Schmehl, we rely on him a great deal. He won't be in New York City for DebConf10 but hopefully for him and other participants on the Debian Publicity mailing list we can move the Publicity BoF from its current room (Shapiro 414) to another room that has a video uplink?

If you look at the ad-hoc scheduling page, you'll see that there are
still some slots available in either Davis Auditorium or Interschool Lab
(Davis is larger than interschool).  those are the only slots that can
possibly get video-team coverage, because we don't have equipment in the
other rooms.


If you want to move to one of these slots (and if v-t is willing to
cover the publicity BoF in that slot), please fill it in, and we'll
adjust accordingly.


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