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Re: blog.debian.org: a merger of various blog-ish resources

Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> So, let's put it this way. blog.d.o deserves to exist even only for
> avoiding duplicating efforts on different mini-blogs that have
> reliability issues and the like. Additionally, I think it would be a
> useful resource were to post Debian information with a style less formal
> than that of press releases.
> I've already received out of band the support of Ana on this, which was
> important to have as she is de facto the editor of news.d.n. It would be
> nice if times.d.n people can comment on this, as well as the press
> people as I believe it should be their responsibility to click the final
> "post" button on such a thing.

At first I would say that times.debian.net/news.debian.net would and
should be the resource to use for news about the project that don't
classify as press releases - for whatever reason.  If the press team
should author articles on blog.d.o what would make these articles
different from our press releases?

Traditionally, Debian makes a lot of use of mailing lists.  Aside of
the regular press channels debian-news and debian-announce we have
d-d-a (and d-i-a) where all developers can post information on.  Both
resources are well used.

Instead of trying to establish just another Debian service I would be
more happy to strengthen one of the currently under-recognised
services such as news.debian.net or times.debian.net



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