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Re: blog.debian.org: a merger of various blog-ish resources

[ sorry for the delay, I was traveling back to Italy ]

On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 06:00:32PM +0200, Giovanni Mascellani wrote:
> > I think we should have an official Debian blog, to complement the
> > wonderful job currently done by the press team with official press
> > releases. The two are not overlapping as it is well-known that the
> > communication registry of blogs and of press releases is significantly
> > different; we are good at the latter, but we completely lack the former.
> The only way I can see a blog for Debian would be something similar to
> what now is Planet Debian. Other than being more centralized, what would
> be the difference?

Well, the difference is substantial to me. Planet is an aggregator, the
content is by no mean official of Debian, is "just" a sampling of
personal blog posts of the people who are making Debian.  The origin of
content on blog.d.o will be as official as press releases, only with a
different communication registry, that of blogs instead of that of

> Then, I think it should be more clear where should I subscribe to get
> the sort of news I'm interested into. If there is a news category for
> which no media has room, this is a problem. But it is a problem also if
> two or more different media broadcast the same sorts of news, because
> sometimes news go on one, sometime on another, sometimes on more than
> one (annoying). This is inconsistent.

I agree. But if you are considering Planet Debian in the loop, well
there is the problem. Not being blessed in any way, it might very well
happen that, via Planet, you get DUPs or the like. To stay in your
paradigm I would then say that currently, by only following Debian news,
you can lose quite some "official" blog-ish content (e.g. news.d.n)
which is only syndicated on Planet and mixed with a lot other
non-official stuff.

> The idea of aggregating what we already have is good for me (it's a
> completely waste of effort that people work on many projects, but no
> one follows them simply because many don't know of their
> existence). But I think we could gain even better results if we tried
> to make a mapping between categories of communication and media (and,
> of course, make the public aware of such mapping).

So, let's put it this way. blog.d.o deserves to exist even only for
avoiding duplicating efforts on different mini-blogs that have
reliability issues and the like. Additionally, I think it would be a
useful resource were to post Debian information with a style less formal
than that of press releases.

I've already received out of band the support of Ana on this, which was
important to have as she is de facto the editor of news.d.n. It would be
nice if times.d.n people can comment on this, as well as the press
people as I believe it should be their responsibility to click the final
"post" button on such a thing.


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