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release-critical bug statistics (was: Debian Project News 2010/05 frozen, please review and translate)


Am 12.07.2010 18:43, schrieb Filipus Klutiero:

>>> That section is very confusing. Although I can see how the math was done
>>> when looking at the blog post (assuming the numbers need an update), 
> According to the unofficial RC-bugs count, the upcoming release, Debian
> 6.0 "Squeeze", is currently affected by 339 release-critical bugs.
> Ignoring bugs which are easily solved or on the way of being solved,
> roughly speaking, about 208 release critical bugs remain to be solved
> for the release to happen.
> With something linking to an explanation.

I just changed the template for the DPN accordingly and moved the
explanation text into the wiki at

Dear release people and native speakers, could please review that wiki
page?  As it will be directly linked from the DPN it is possible that
someone will follow that link ;)

Feel also free to do further edits to remove the personal blog stile.

Best regards,

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