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Re: BSP in Bordeaux (France) during LSM/RMLL, 6-11 July 2010

Hello all!

On Jun 17, 2010, at 15:35, Xavier Oswald wrote:

> On 11:30 Thu 17 Jun     , Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
>> Hi people,
>>  full quote to your benefit below, from a post on -events-eu.
>> I believe it would warrant a news item on the website, doesn't it?
>> Xavier, would you be so kind to take care of preparing a news item (it
>> will essentially boil down to see whether someone from -publicity has
>> amendments to propose for your text, and finally mail a "OK, it's ready"
>> message to the list when done).
> Thanks Stefano. Here is a draft for a news entry. Im not a native english
> speaker so help is very welcome. :)

I'm a native English speaker and help out with Debian Publicity so I'll take a stab. :-)

> Debian Project At LSM/RMLL 2010
> ===============================
> 6-11 July 2010
> --------------
> The Debian Project is happy to announce that it will be represented at
> the LSM/RMLL event in Bordeaux, France, this year. At the booth, members of the 
> project will be available for questions and discussions and will give a preview
> of the new version Debian 6.0 "Squeeze", which is expected to be released this
> year.
> The Debian project invites users, developers and everyone else interested to
> visit the booth and ask questions, discuss technical issues and meet the Debian
> project and its developers in person.

Excellently written. :)

> As for lot of organized Debian booth, goodies and Tshirts will be selled there.

I might change this slightly garbled syntax to:

As for the organized Debian booth, goodies and Tshirts will be selled there.

> More information at http://debian.org or contact Xavier Oswald
> <xoswald@debian.org>.
> About LSM/RMLL
> --------------
> 2010 Libre Software Meeting is a free (as a beer and as a speech) and non 
> commercial conference with talks, workshops and round tables about Free
> Software and its uses. The LSM goal is to provide a place for exchange between
> Free Software developers, users and stakeholders.
> LSM is organized this year in Bordeaux from 6th to 11th of July, 2010 by a set 
> of local LUGs and organizations with the help of several public and private
> sponsors.
> More information at http://2010.rmll.info/?lang=en
> Debian related talks:
> ---------------------
> Debian Edu Blend - by Adreas Tille
> DebianEdu/Skolelinux - by Xavier Oswald and Christian Kuelker
> Debian Accessibility Blend  - by Andreas Tille
> The Debian GNU/Linux project  - by Xavier Oswald
> FusionForge, one year and a half later  - by Roland Mas 
> Bug Squashing Party:
> --------------------
> In order to help Debian for the release of Debian Squeeze, there will be a
> Bug-Squashing-Party holding during LSM/RMLL.
> Even if you are not a Debian developer, but are interested in helping
> Debian to get all the open release critical bugs fixed, you're welcome
> at the BSP. There will be enough developers around to sponsor your NMUs. 

I might change that last sentence to: There will be developers around to sponsor your NMUs.

Overall I think it is clear and informative.

Warm regards,


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