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Re: Debian Project News 2010/05 freeze delayed


Am 11.06.2010 22:24, schrieb David Prévot:

> I'm going to try and write a few of the TODOs if it can be of any help.
> Beware of my absolutely awful en_FR, so please review and tell me if it
> is of any help: it takes me lots of time to try and write a few English
> lines, be honest if it doesn't worth the effort...

Now that I see what you've done... To be honest:  What I saw wasn't that
bad :)  I only added some of the highlights from the DC10 schedule (I
think that might motivate people even more to click on the link and read
further), but that's it.

> By the way, I noticed that lots of NNWP have been deleted, but there are
> still gazillions of them left, could we try and find some criteria in
> order to select a bit fewer of them: it's a PITA for translators, and
> I'm not sure that so much packages will be "noteworthy" (understand that
> if the list is too big, no one would actually read it).

Yes, I removed most of them as you proposed and only left one Eucalyptus
package, as this cloud things are quite important buzzwords I would like
to mention.

The current praxis is, that I remove:
* Debian installer packages, as they are not run by the user directly
* Library packages, as they are not run by the user directly (at least
if I notice them)
* -common, -data, -dbg, -doc packages, as they don't add new
functionality for the user
* The same with packages, which where split in several packages; then I
try to only keep the "main" package

Beside that, I don't know any good criterias.  Was it only a PITA for
this issue, or also for the previous ones?  If it wasn't for the
previous ones, maybe we can leave it that way (I'll try to remeber that
python-* and similar is most likely a library, too), and hope that the
ftp-team doesn't do a "week of constant NEW processing" again?

Best regards,

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