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Re: Debian Project News 2010/05 freeze delayed


Am 11.06.2010 22:24, schrieb David Prévot:

> I'm going to try and write a few of the TODOs if it can be of any help.
> Beware of my absolutely awful en_FR, so please review and tell me if it
> is of any help: it takes me lots of time to try and write a few English
> lines, be honest if it doesn't worth the effort...

Many thanks!  At least it might turn out to be refreshing for
proofreaders to correct your en_FR instead of my usual en_DE ;)

> By the way, I noticed that lots of NNWP have been deleted, but there are
> still gazillions of them left, could we try and find some criteria in
> order to select a bit fewer of them: it's a PITA for translators, and
> I'm not sure that so much packages will be "noteworthy" (understand that
> if the list is too big, no one would actually read it).

Blame the ftp-team.  They had some bad weeks without doing much on the
NEW queue, and lately decided to get it empty it again, processing
nearly 300 packages in the last week.

I'm looking over your articles and proposed deletions right now and will

Many thanks again,

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