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Re: buzz to sponsor attendance of non-regulars to DebConf10

On Apr 20, 2010, at 1:29 PM, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

> Dear -publicity team,
>  a few months ago Joey Hess advanced to the past DPL the proposal of
> giving explicit DebConf(10) travel sponsoring to non-regular DebConf
> attendees. The rationale is that DebConfs are mostly attended by
> regulars and that explicitly supporting travel for non-regulars can be
> important to motivate some people to work on Debian.
> The "some people" can be current project members which are less
> motivated that in the past, as well as non-project member which are
> active but not (yet) willing to contribute more or become project
> members, new project members "too shy" to request sponsoring, and the
> like.
> We do have have the money to sponsor some of those trips, and Joey has
> agreed to take care of the rest (like drafting application procedures
> and deciding about who'll get sponsored and how much, within the limits
> of the total budget I'll allocate).

> What we now need ... is "buzz" :-) Personally, I'd like to have either a
> dedicated blog post (on the debconf blog?) or a press release, whatever
> you think it would have more chances of attract interested people. The
> idea was already mentioned in the final bits from Steve on d-d-a [1],
> but IMHO it deserves an explicit communication.
> What do you think? Would it be worth to have that communication?

I think so,  yes. I will add a short article about this to the Debian Project News. I will leave it up to those in charge of Press Releases to do that however since I'm unsure of how to go about that.
> If you think it is, I'll happily leave up to you, in coordination with
> Joey, to prepare an announcement. Keep in mind that the goal is to
> sponsor the travel of people which can "contribute" the most at the
> conference, hopefully getting back enthusiastically in Debian
> afterwords. A side-thought I have in my mind is to let team-mates
> _propose_ some of their co-workers in case they know they did not
> register (for shyness reasons) and in case they consider that a pity.



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