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Re: DPN frozen

On Fri, 09 Apr 2010, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> It seems to me, that the current issue of the Debian Project News
> should now be frozen content wise.  Please feel free to review my
> English and to translate it.

Here are some suggested fixes. Also, are we using en_GB or en_US? I
don't really care which, but whatever we use, it should be consistent.
[Or at least, consistent within a single blurb.]

Don Armstrong

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such that it can be singled out, by means of emperical tests, in a
negative sense: it must be possible for an emperical scientific system
to be refuted by experience.
 -- Sir Karl Popper _Logic of Scientific Discovery_ §6

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Index: index.wml
--- index.wml	(revision 94)
+++ index.wml	(working copy)
@@ -64,9 +64,9 @@
 <p>Some of the questions asked and topics discussed in the campaigning period were:</p>
   <li><a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2010/03/msg00023.html";>Do you plan on taking on a <acronym lang="en" title="Second in charge">2IC</acronym> or a team?</a></li>
-  <li><a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2010/03/msg00032.html";>Project Funds, donations and <q>official</q> Partner</a></li>
+  <li><a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2010/03/msg00032.html";>Project Funds, donations and <q>official</q> Partners</a></li>
   <li><a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2010/03/msg00038.html";>How much time do you currently devote to Debian? How will that amount
-of time change for the DPL term?</a></li>
+of time change during the DPL term?</a></li>
   <li><a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2010/03/msg00041.html";>Financing of development through external sources</a></li>
   <li><a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2010/03/msg00058.html";>Heated discussions in the Debian project</a></li>
   <li><a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2010/03/msg00057.html";><q>In ten years I'd like Debian....</q></a></li>
@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@
 <p>Release manager Adam Barrat sent <a
-from the release team</a> and gave an overview of the state of the
+from the release team</a> which gave an overview of the state of the
 upcoming release, Debian 6.0 <q>Squeeze</q>.  Adam admits that the
 situation is not as good as the release team hoped, but that it is possible
 to release <q>Squeeze</q> in a few months.  He also gave a list of known
@@ -166,22 +166,24 @@
 href="http://www.debian-ports.org/";>debian-ports</a> and <a
 href="http://www.backports.org";>backports.org</a>. This new
 service currently holds about 6.5 terabytes of data and will grow
+larger over time.</p>
 <a name="6"></a>
 <h2>MiniDebConf held in Panama</h2>
 <p>More than 50 people participated recently in a MiniDebConf in Panama.
-Starting March 20th, and lasting two full days, the MiniDebConf touched a
-variety of subjects regarding Debian with the participants sharing their experiences
-around both Debian and Free Software. As <a href="http://alerios-en.blogspot.com/2010_03_01_archive.html";>Alejandro Rios
+Starting March 20th and lasting two full days, the MiniDebConf touched
+  on a
+variety of subjects involving Debian with the participants sharing their experiences
+with both Debian and Free Software. As <a href="http://alerios-en.blogspot.com/2010_03_01_archive.html";>Alejandro Rios
 said</a>: <q>All this is possible thanks to several sponsors from Panama and SPI, and
 the hard work from many people, specially Anto Recio, Mauro Rosero, Carolina
 Flores, Gunnar Wolf and the local team.</q> SPI is
 <a href="http://www.spi-inc.org/";>Software in the Public Interest</a>, a
 non-profit organisation which was founded to help organisations develop and
-distribute open hardware and software.</p>
+distribute open hardware and software, and also the US umbrella
+organisation for Debian.</p>
 <p>The MiniDebConf got quite technical, some of the subjects they covered were:
 Packaging, Debian's Bug Tracking System, the Linux Kernel, pbuilder and quilt.
@@ -221,7 +223,7 @@
 <h2>QEMU image for SH4 port available</h2>
 <p>To make debugging of problems with the (unofficial) port to the <a
-href="http://wiki.debian.org/SH4";>SH4 architecture</a> easiert, Aurelien
+href="http://wiki.debian.org/SH4";>SH4 architecture</a> easier, Aurelien
 Jarno <a href="http://blog.aurel32.net/?p=55";>provides</a> SH4 images to be
 used with <a href="http://packages.debian.org/qemu";>qemu</a>.  The images
 have some limitations as they can only use 64MB and need the current <a
@@ -437,4 +439,4 @@
 at <a href="mailto:debian-publicity@lists.debian.org";>debian-publicity@lists.debian.org</a>.</p>
-#use wml::debian::projectnews::footer editor="XJeremiah Foster, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl"
+#use wml::debian::projectnews::footer editor="Jeremiah Foster, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl"

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