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Re: Let's resurrect Debian Weekly News (act the second)

Hi again.

Alexander Reichle-Schmehl ha scritto:
> So far the translations are not send out automatically.  As I've so only
> taken care of the English newsletter, and am open to feedback from the
> translators what would be easiest for them:
> * I tell them "release" and they do, or
> * They tell me "finished" (e.g. by proper translation check header) and
> I send them along the English one.

I find the second option better, because it avoids many duplication of
the same work. But, of course, it needs more "una tantum" work at the
distribution infrastructure we use.

Maybe we could start leaving the distribution work to the individual
translators, with the target to centralize it when we'll manage to
stabilize our work.

Thanks, Giovanni.

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