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Re: Let's resurrect Debian Weekly News (act the second)

Hi Giovanni!

Giovanni Mascellani schrieb:

Then? Is distribution of the translation automatized along with the
distribution of the canonical English copy, or should I arrange another
way to do it? The wiki page on how to contribute seems to suggest the
second, but I'm not sure of having understood it correctly.

I'm not sure; I know that there is an italian news mailing list [1], but it's over three years since there where mails sent there. I'll added Luca Bruno (who was the last sending mails there) and the Italian translation team as BCC, maybe they can help us here.

So far the translations are not send out automatically. As I've so only taken care of the English newsletter, and am open to feedback from the translators what would be easiest for them:

* I tell them "release" and they do, or
* They tell me "finished" (e.g. by proper translation check header) and I send them along the English one.

  1: http://lists.debian.org/debian-news-italian/

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