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Re: Integrating reviews and translations in the Debian Project News


Simon Paillard schrieb:

* I guess one weekend is okay for you to finish the translation?
It may be a bit short, in that case IMO releasing the translation may be
up to the translation team.

Well, the problem is, that the more time we give translators, the more things can happen in the meantime.

* Did I forget anything else?
* Integrate translation-header checks from webwml to get easily the
  status of the translation w/t the english version, inside the DPN

Hmmm... Did my very best, but that isn't easy in subversion :( (Sorry, that wasn't on my checklist.)

However, when one enables svn keywords ("svn propset svn:keywords "Date Author Id Rev" index.wml"; there seems to be no sane way on doing it repository wide) it should be possible to at least write a script, comparing your translation check against the one of the English version. I'll try to come up with something soonish.

I'll add information on how to enable the keyword substitution to the wiki.

debian-news		- Myself
debian-news-french - Simon Paillard


PS: Many thanks for the French team and Jean-Edouard Babin for
writing a script transforming the wml output into a (nearly) proper
formatted e-mail version.  I took the liberty to adding it to the
publicity svn repository, too.
I will forward your thanks to Jean-Edouard :-)

Thanks :)

Best regards,

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