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Re: new Debian Financial Partners list


Andre Felipe Machado schrieb:

> Now that the new section Debian Financial Partners is available [0], we could
> contact previous / present donors.
> Is it possible that SPI and or debian project accountant, or someone else
> knowing Project's history send message to partners@d.o with enough data for
> contacting these people and companies?
> [0] http://www.debian.org/partners

I'm sorry for speaking up so late, but currently Meike as well as myself
are challenged with our new jobs as well as quite busy moving to a new
flat, therefore I haven't followed the discussion around that topic.

I'm writing now, because I don't like the current situation at all. I'm
especially worried about the "criteria" for being listed as financial
sponsor ("made substantial monetary contributions to the Debian Project"
or "regularly donates money to the Debian Project") which is to
ambiguous to be the base for any decision.  I'm also worried about how
these criteria can be handled in a fair manner.

One should also consider, that the current practice to be added as
partner was long term support, not a one time act. I also don't think,
that financial donors should be added by people associated / involved
with the donor and really think the texts should be written and added by
someone else to avoid conflict of obligations.

Last not least, I don't think that we should list amounts of donations
for several reasons. Thanks for Zobel for telling me and removing then
for me.

Before adding any new partners, we should first find a consensus about
criteria, not only about financial donors, but for the other partners as
well. I would furthermore like to discuss, if financial donors can be
considered as partners at all.  In my understanding "partnership" is an
active collaboration which I don't see in money donations. I'm not yet
sure, if want money donors to be listed at all (since I don't know how
to create a fair listing), but I really think they belong more to the
donations page, than to our partners page.

Best regards,
  Alexander, who hopes that this mail makes his thoughts clear enough;
the mail was written in a hurry

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