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Re: partners nitpick

Hello, Paul
We were aware of these issues. But we had to publish soon the already approved
text or the publishers could not renew budget for the next year.
The official criteria was already subject of discussion start 2 or 3 days ago.
We should settle a reasonable criteria yet.
The other section headers would be discussed. All text need some rounds of debates.
There is also another issues:
- What is the most polite way to phrase that any company or people that we
forgot was not by intention and anyoune that find a missing partner in the list
should contact us for inclusion?

- Zobel removed the third column, with the amounts donated, explaining that
could cause troubles at some countries. Well, given that all donations happened
through SPÌ or other local legal entities, the donations could cause problems to
the donors? What problems could cause to Debian?

Andre Felipe

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