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something I've done with Debian

Hey all,

I sent a similar message to a FreeBSD mailing list since I did use FreeBSD as 
well as Linux for all of this music, but the newest song, I used Debian by 
itself, since I've now gotten LMMS working great on Debian. I just wanted to 
copy and paste the post to show how great Debian really is, and that I've 
done something using NOTHING but Free / Open software:

A few years ago, I started taking music a little more serious. Mostly because 
of things like Myspace Music, where anyone can make an account and upload 
music to it, and get their sound out there to others. I had been making music 
for a while, but since I don't have the cash to drop on a studio, nor do I 
have the cash to even get one of those little things that lets you hook up a 
Bass guitar or Guitar at all to the computer, so I did what I could. 
Sometimes I'd record everything in 60 second intervals because Windows Record 
couldn't do more than that, and then when I realized I could continue from 
there, I'd have to write music in a way where at 60 seconds, I could pick up 
where I left off without it being so noticeable which isn't easy.

after I started using Linux and BSD and a few years had past, I found LMMS and 

I now use LMMS for everything. I make ALL my music in it. And FreeBSD has it 

So, everything I'm linking to that you can hear, was ALL done in either 
FreeBSD, Debian Linux, or SUSE Linux, with LMMS.


I used LMMS on Linux and FreeBSD depending on which machine I was using at the 
time, to make all of that.

It started with just my laptop, so I didn't have good speakers really hooked 
up to that so the bass wasn't great at first since I could barely tell it was 
there, but after getting good speakers and good headphones, I started taking 
it a little more.

I named it "Digital Horror Punk" because my main influence has been Horror 
Movies and The Misfits, but since I can't hook up a guitar, or my bass guitar 
to the computer, I had to make do with what I had. I think it's pretty cool. 
And since Halloween just passed, I figured I'd make a post and show what I've 
been doing with this freely available to anyone software we all love.

- gore / Farmacy of Horror founder. I make ALL the music myself, and the only 
sampling is pointed out, and usually pretty easy to spot since the only 
things I sample are horror Movie clips and a few Misfits Songs and others 
here and there, which I give credit to whenever I use something.

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