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dpn.debian.net (was: Summary of the publicity BOF)

also sprach Meike Reichle <meike@debian.org> [2009.07.31.0053 +0200]:
> * There was then some discussion about what software/framework to use for
> this. The DPN's current wiki approach has not proven successful. Editing
> the whole news issue in one page is very inefficient and prone to editing
> conflicts. We discussed a few direct wiki alternatives such as
> fridge.ubuntu.com and whiteboard.debian.net. We then went on to discussing
> other, more different software alternatives: one proposal was using a blog
> software such as wordpress, which would also allow the inclusion of
> comments, another was to pick up on the proposal by Martin Krafft about a
> year ago [0].
> [0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2008/05/msg00033.html

I've revisited this and implemented everything that's necessary to
enable mail submissions, but I ran out of time making it actually
and properly work. If someone wants to take a shot, please pass me
an SSH identity and I can let you log in.

There are still some problems related to parsing e-mail, but most
complexity comes from the fact that the machine cannot actually
receive mail directly, but mail must be relayed from
a.mx.madduck.net. This works, and mail you send to
submit@dpn.debian.net should now get spamchecked and eventually
arrives at .procmailrc of the user running this, but error handling
still needs attention.

Remember that the site is proof-of-concept of the workflow detailed
at http://dpn.debian.net/workflow/. In particular, I won't have time
to administer the ikiwiki instance, and there are probably better
tools out there to implement a publishing workflow, including Plone,
something based on Django or Turbogears, or maybe Wordpress.


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