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Re: linux.com and Debian

martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Shams Fantar <sfantar@snurf.info> [2009.04.12.1614 +0200]:
>> They are looking for which kind of articles about debian ? technical
>> articles ? Anybody can write articles or it's needed to be a debian
>> developper ?
> Anyone can write, although it will be a closed, rather small group
> of authors, and the target audience are users (unlike
> planet.debian.org)
>> I see the Linux Foundation is taking over the linux.com website, so,
>> it's the Linux Foundation that is looking for writers ?
> Basically, yes. There is no payment.

Great, I'd be interested in your offer, so, what I need to do now to
contribute ? Is there somebody to contact ?

A group on ideaforge seems to be created, this one[1], I only need to
create an account and to join this group ? Or the procedure is different ?

[1] : http://ideaforge.linux.com/group_story.php?title=Debian-users


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