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Re: Draft for lenny release announcement


Justin B Rye schrieb:

>> box support of CPU frequency scaling. For leisure time several new games have
>> beed added including puzzle games as well as firt-person shooters. A notable change
>> is the introduction of <q>goplay</q> a graphical games browser offering filters, search,
>> screenshots and descriptions for games in Debian.</p>          
> But then there's a longer advert for goplay later on, repeating some
> of this wording.  Trim one of the two (and do we really want to
> mention two different music games, one of them awkward to refer to?)

Yes, that was a mistake by mine, when adding then paragraph, finding it
unfitting compressing it to a sentence above and then forgeting to
delete the paragraph.  Fixed now.

>> <p>For non native English speaking user the package management now supports
>> translated package descriptions which will automatically show the description
>> of a package in the native language of the user if available. An other
>> interesting feature introduced in the package management system is the use of
>> differential updates for package index files.</p>
> The i18n is new-in-Lenny, but rred support is old.  Is there some
> other piece of i18n news that could go in here instead?

Oh, I could have sworn incremental diffs need Lenny's apt. Removed :(

>> <p>The installation process for Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 has been improved in
>> many ways: support for installation from more than 1 CD or DVD has been
>> restored, firmware required by some devices can be loaded by using
>> removable media, security updates are installed before the initial
>> reboot when available, and many other improvements. The installer boot
>> process has also received many attention: a graphical menu can be used
>> to choose desktop environments, frontends and select expert or rescue
>> mode.
>> The installation system for Debian GNU/Linux has now
>> been translated to 63 languages.</p>
> The downloads-before-reboot thing has been mentioned once already,
> in with the other security improvements; mention Braille support
> instead, maybe.

Good suggestion.  Done.

Best regards,

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