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Re: Draft for lenny release announcement

Further comments:

 - While I'm glad you mention Orion support, I don't think you should
   start a new paragraph with "This includes support for" - what does
   "this" refer to?

 - Also, you mention Orion support and then in the same sentence you
   talk about "Netbooks, such as the EEE PC".  This suggests that
   those netbooks are based on an Orion chip, which is not true.  Why
   don't you write something like: Debian lenny adds support for
   Marvell's Orion platform which is used in many storage devices.
   Supported storage devices include the QNAP Turbo Station series,
   HP Media Vault mv2120, and Buffalo Kurobox Pro.  Additionally,
   lenny now supports several Netbooks, in particular the EEE PC by Asus.

Martin Michlmayr

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