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Re: DebianWiki: Draft of a new frontpage [RFC]

> Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
>> I have drafted a new(1)[2] front page for the wiki.
> I would like to get more feed-back (even from people that
> aren't involved in the wiki.)

Here are some typical questions, you might want to answer:

- Do you think the icons are important? appropriate? useful? nice?
- Do you want a side menu? (and which categoris of links)
- Do you want a search box?
- Do you want some news on the frontpage? which ones?
- Do you want a "hint of the day"
- Do you want a SpotLight[1]?
- From the top of your mind, give me 3 subject you expect to
  find on the wiki?

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/SpotLight

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