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DebianWiki: Draft of a new frontpage [RFC]


I have drafted a new(1)[2] front page for the wiki. My main purposes
were to:
- Get more people to contribute to Debian (at large).
- Get visitors to use the search engine, rather than click on links.
- Frontpage should reflect the content of the wiki (humm...).
- Show that Debian is active/successful.

I tend to think that a frontpage without a sidebar isn't efficient for
navigation (and it's a waste of space)... So I had to twist moinmoin a
little bit to achieve that (the stuff at the bottom of the page will be
moved somewhere else later).

The page isn't finished yet, but I would like to get some feedback from

Thanks in advance for you feedback and contribution.


P.S. For people concerned with the license, don't worry, I'll come
     to that soon.

(1) Well, it is not so new, since it is very similar (and inspired)
    by entries of the one we had one year ago.
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/FrontPageV3Sandbox
(and http://wiki.debian.org/DevelopersCorner is merely started)

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