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Re: Question regarding a Debian Release Day event


On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 03:31:50PM +0200, galaxico@quad-nrg.net wrote:
> I come from the Greek Debian community and we are
> thinking about the possibility of organising a special
> "Debian Lenny Day" to celebrate the release of Debian 5.0
> when this happens. And we would like actually to make it
> a bit "flashier" and attract more publicity by inviting some
> senior Debian developers or say the Debian Project Leader to
> give a presentation.
> Does anybody have an experience of a similar event in the past
> that would be kind enough to share with us? Is it feasible to
> invite DPL in such an event and how could we give it the best
> publicity possible?

The problem with such an event is that it will be celebrated all over
the Debian community, so I am not sure the DPL can commit to attend
every Lenny release party in the world.  Of course, if your Lenny day is
slightly delayed after the release, it might fit his schedule, you will
have to ask. 

In general, you can assume there will be various "Lenny day" style
events all over the world, some just get-togethers in a pub, some maybe
more elaborate.  Maybe you can start a wiki page on wiki.debian.org to
organize the celebrations, and also brainstorm about what could be done
there (apart from celebrating, of course).


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