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Re: doubts about Lenny and available QA tools and security team

Many thanks for your answers.
I will try to explain the last question.
Given an old package (from Sarge or Woody), with security maintenance
made "in house", by backporting security fixes to the source and
rebuilding that package, are there tools that help to verify this
rebuilt package does not break (conflicts) the system?
Maybe debcheck, lintian, piuparts?
I am not talking about sw own regression tests, but debian distribution
integrity tests, verifying that package follow FHS, and init.d policy,
for example.
What tools QA and Release teams use to verify "readiness" of a release?
I hope this explanation helps.
Andre Felipe

> >> problem to solve.) How release team verify distro consistency?
> >> Could it be reproduced in house? Is a repackaging enough?
> Not sure I understand the question, but it sounds like something for
> the security team to answer.
> -- 
> bye,
> pabs

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